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The unprecedented globalization of the 1990’s redefined the parameters of the business. As the world economy integrates, various sectors gain importance. Energy, construction, health, telecommunication and technology issues will continue to be the key and strategic topics for the future of Turkey.

Turkey’s strategic location makes it a natural “Energy Bridge” between major oil producing areas in the Middle East and Caspian Sea regions on the one hand, and consumer markets in Europe on the other. Turkey’s part of Ceyhan is an important outlet both for current Iraqi oil exports and Azerbaijan-Georgia oil export with BTC as well as for potential future Caspian oil exports. Turkey’s Bosphorus straits are a major shipping “choke point” between the Black and Mediterranean seas. Finally, Turkey is a rapidly growing energy consumer in its own right and also a transit country for energy transportation. Turkish Government tries to meet the demands coming from the sector and launches many gigantic projects in energy sector,

Due to the economic recovery in Turkey since 2003, there is a great demand and investment boom in real estate sector. Investors are anticipating that there will be an increasing growing potential as a result of mortgage expectations and increasing purchasing power for the near future.

In Turkey, public sector can not be able to make investments in health sector in Turkey due to inability of financial and technical capacity of Public Sector. The average bed number in Turkey is below the average number in Europe. Besides, the population growth rate of Turkey is continually increasing. It appears that the necessity of construction of health facilities and application of modern management techniques should be considered by the privately owned international and local investors.

Adoption of new technologies and innovations is a primary engine for improving the productivity and spurring the higher standards of living in order to be successful in these sectors that we engage.

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  Atayol Construction is established for the realization of all kinds of construction works in Turkey and abroad
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  We have participated significant telecommunication tenders in Turkey and also we have undertaken
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  We, as Sampa Ltd., are the authorized Rainbow distributor for Turkey, Sampa is currently importing, distributing....
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    Element Mining is a mining company which is established by Atayol Group.
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